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A1-PC   Some Jargon Explained

Below you will find a few key terms explained.

Virus: Malicious program designed to damage data; usually spread via infected e-mail attachments

Trojan: Malicious software disguised as harmless program

Firewall: Software to protect computers against hackers

Keylogging: Software/hardware to track keystrokes on a computer to gather passwords, credit card numbers

Pharming: When fraudsters redirect net users from legitimate to fake sites

Phishing: Fraudulent e-mails and pop-ups to fool you into revealing personal information for criminal gain

Rogue dialler: Software that installs itself on computers and changes settings to dial a premium rate number instead of usual dial-up account

Spam: Unsolicited e-mails, often offering products or services in which you have no interest

Spyware: Small programs that secretly monitor sites visited, potentially violating privacy and slowing computers


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