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A1-PC   Computer Rebuilds

Over time, all computer and PC systems suffer from a variable amount of slow-down. This can be due to a few reasons:

  • Too much software installed (e.g: From magazine cover disks)
  • Unrequired items running at startup on your PC
  • Lack of free hard drive space for system tasks
  • Spyware activity
  • Virus activity

Whilst all of the above items can normally be dealt with via preventaive maintenance along with regular servicing, there is no doubt that a complete computer rebuild is the best way to eradicate annoyances such as PC system crashes and slow downs.

What is a rebuild?

During a PC rebuild, we will carry out the following tasks:

  1. Back up your computer data (This is a safety pre-caution, you should take steps to ensure your data is securely basked up on a regular basis).
  2. Remove all dust from the inside to prolong your PC's life.
  3. Wipe the system's hard drive, erasing everything that was on it. Including the Master Boot Record where some viruses may reside.
  4. Reinstall your operating system.
  5. Install all the lastest hardware drivers and patches on the PC.
  6. Apply all required updates to ensure secure, reliable running.
  7. Fully test your computer system.

The above is all carried out to a strict procedure, ensuring we dont miss anything during the rebuild. The result? A clean, up to date computer system that runs extremely well!

We support all makes and models of computer and PC from IBM, Dell, HP, Compaq, Tiny, eMachines, Time through to non-branded computer systems.

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