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Local Computer Service

A1-PC   Computer Servicing

Give your Personal Computer a tune up with our comprehensive service with check ups covering many aspects of your computer that can effect performance and/or reliability. We support all makes and models of PC from IBM, Dell, HP, Compaq, Tiny, eMachines, Time through to non-branded computer systems.

The service ensures your computer is running at optimum performance, and provides valuable preventative maintenance, reducing the chance of problems in the future.

We will provide advice on any faults found with your system, and advise if there are any cost effective upgrades that your system may benefit from.

Whilst we are with you feel free to make the most of your money by letting us answer your computer related questions - Just ask away! Computer and PC servicing is available on or off site.

Regular PC servicing is of particular benefit to business customers, as there is a real opportunity to apply preventative maintenance, potentially reducing future unplanned downtime. Discounts may be available for business customers with multiple computers or PCs requiring a service.

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