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Tel: 07941 377411

Computer Services in Herts & Beds
Hitchin, Letchworth, Stevenage, Luton & surrounding areas.

We provide an honest computer repair and support service, calling to your home or business at your convenience. We are able to resolve and repair problems on your PC, laptop or network onsite while you wait. See our Services page for more information or click on one of the links on the left.

We can protect your computer from all types of virus, spyware, adware and trojan horse infections by installing security software to ensure that the risk of future infection on your computer is minimized. [more]




Computer problems solved quickly!
Is your PC running very slowly? Crashing? Freezing? Riddled with Spyware, Virus or pop-up adverts? A1-PC can promptly solve all your computer problems.

New PC?
If you've just bought a new PC, don't forget that we can help with any teething troubles such as setting up, installing software and getting you safely online.

Free Advice!
If you would like advice on any aspect of your computer please email

Revitalise your PC! [more]
A complete reinstallation of your PC from scratch will make a world of difference to it's speed. It'll perform as good as it did when it was new!

Stay safe online [more]
If you connect an unprotected computer to the Internet, it's highly likely that a harmful program will be installed on it within minutes, or even seconds! Your computer could be sending out hundreds of email messages, electronically attacking other computers, sending your personal information to online criminals, capturing your online passwords, online banking details or credit card information for an online criminal or hosting illegal websites.


If you have more than one computer and you want to connect them all together, see our Networking page for more details.

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